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Gas prices soar past $3 a gallon ...

"National average for regular unleaded is $3.039; Floridians see a jump to $3.092"

Common questions asked of Van-GO.  (Please e-mail or call for additional information.) 

1. "How do I become a Van-GO vanpool member?"

Contact Van-GO by phone at (850) 240-1663.  For additional information, email your question to Van-GO at:, or complete the request for information on Vanpool Information tab above and you will be contacted only once and normally within 24 hours.

2. "How much does it cost to vanpool with Van-GO?"

A lot less than it costs you to drive yourself . . .  How much does it cost you traveling by yourself?           We provide 7-passenger Honda Odysseys, which are among the highest ranking for dependability and comfort.  We require only 6 folks (for no contact sleeping), but will start a new route with 4.

Note, effective February 2012, federal employees (active duty/activated Reserves/NG, civil service and NAF) are authorized a reimbursement incentive of $125. for qualifying vanpools.  Employer tax free incentives authorized by IRS may be available for non-federal employees.  Depending on where you commute from, this incentive may entirely cover your vanpool fee.  That would mean for federal employees your only out-of-pocket expense would be your share of fuel costs.  Please visit our "Savings Calculater" (tab above) or call us.  Vanpooling with Van-Go is THE very comfortable and economical alternative to paying to drive yourself to work.  Gasoline cost is divided equally by all vanpool members.  Courtesy Van-Go fill ups and van wash provided on days maintenance is required. 

3. "Is there a trial ride available with aVan-GO vanpool?"

Yes.  For existing routes, you may ride free for up to three days to see if the Van-GO works for you.

4. "What if I have an emergency and need to leave work before normal hours?"

Up to four, free, guaranteed rides home a year, up to $100 each, to qualified vanpool members.

5. "How is the vanpool operated day to day?"

The primary driver maintains the van at his or her residence and picks up remaining vanpool members at a nearby central location such as a park and ride, or community parking lot.  Pick up times are based on everyone arriving at work in time for the vanpool "wake up" call before work.  At the end of the day the driver picks up other vanpool members at a pre-arranged, convenient  location and then returns to the same morning pick up point.  Pre-dinner nap time over...  ;^)  All maintenance is accomplished by Van-Go, during the day with no interference of service.  Driver has use of the van on weekends.